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Toy industry in Turkey

parasuttTurkey’s dynamic market in the toy industry

With its young population, Turkey has a dynamic market in the toy industry. 33% of the total population of 76.667.864 consists of children (25.327.536). The graphic illustrates the numbers asfollows: Toy consumption in Turkey This situation gives the toy industry movement. The average annual toy consumption of a child is about USD 110. This number is expected to rise in the following 5 years up to USD 300-350. Among the most demanded products there are products that are associated with cartoon characters. Despite most of the families prefer educational toys; for girls, licensed toy babies and some fancy stationary stuff are popular. For boys, toy cars and anything
related to dinosaurs are popular. International trends are the brands from all over the World. Grandparents are the key toy givers. School holidays, new year celebrations and festive holidays are important times for toy retailers as in these times presents are mostly made to childrens. Most of the toys are sold in toy shops, local and international markets and groceries, shopping malls, stationary shops and local open markets. 70% of the companies in the sector are domestic companies and 30% are foreign companies. Around 5% of the sales in the sector come from internet sales. The market share of the Turkish toy industry The Turkish toy industry has a market share of about USD 1  Billion. According to the 2012 TUIK (Turkish Institute of Statistics) data, USD 604,200,000 of the market share is met by imports
while USD 98,400,000 is consisted of exports. The growth rate of the toy industry in Turkey is 6% in general while branded products show a  10% growth rate. 80% of the market is consisted of importers and 20% of manufacturers. The toy industry in Turkey grew 20 times during the last five years.The graphic illustrates the import and export numbers of Turkey’s toys, games and sporting goods (Figures are expressed in  millions of Dollars): Since 2005, toy manufacturing is made according to the CE standards and also controlled by Ministry of Health.
Imported toys are also controlled by Ministry of Health. Sources: TUİK (Turkish Institute of Statistics), Republic of Turkey Ministry
of Health.