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News from the international toy industry

News from the international toy industry

There are some exciting news from the global toy industry notably from leading toy players such as Kidults, Hasbro, Zodiak and Mattel.


Kidults: a business with endless possibilities

According to a recent report entitled “Demystifying the Kidult Toy Market in Europe”, it can be deduced that the so-called Kaudult segment will experience a considerable boost. This segment includes all toys and games purchased for a customer aged 12 and older. In 2022, the value in the EU 5 (i.e., Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) amounted to EUR 4.6 billion. In turn, toy sales for children have decreased by EUR 200 million since 2019. In contrast, they have increased by EUR 1 billion in the kidults segment.

In 2019, kidults still accounted for 23.4% of total toy sales. In 2022, it already rose to 28%.

This shows that this segment still holds a lot of growth potential and accordingly offers countless opportunities for brands, licensees and retailers.

Hasbro announces Girl Innovators of Play

In partnership with Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation initiative to develop leadership skills in girls, the program will launch in early 2024 and build on the recent Hasbro Women Innovators of Play, a challenge to find the next great female-led toy or game for the mass market.

Girl Innovators of Play will include a STEM-based boot camp and invitation to girls ages 13-24. Participants can submit a social impact project idea focused on a cause they care about. They will receive up to $1,000 to turn that vision into reality.

“Girl Innovators of Play is the next step in Hasbro’s commitment to collaborating with and celebrating innovative women and girls with groundbreaking ideas,” said Kim Boyd, Head of Toy at Hasbro. “This generation of girls has the power to tackle complex problems in their communities – and perhaps go on to create the next massively successful toy or game – and we are excited to help spark and support their creativity every step of the way.”


Zodiak takes over worldwide distribution of Muminvalley

Zodiak Kids & Family Distribution will handle worldwide distribution for all four seasons of the CG series Muminvalley from Finnish production company Gutsy Animations.

Gutsy produces the series in association with broadcasters YLE (Finland) and Sky (UK). Viaplay has joined as co-producer for the fourth season, scheduled for 2024.

Muminvalley tells stories that address current issues such as sustainability and environmental protection, and is about the coming of age of a young troll and his family. The series was already launched in 2019 and is now broadcast in over 60 countries.

Mattel Television announces Hot Wheel Series for 2024

Mattel has announced a brandnew animated series for kids called Hot Wheels Let’s Race, which will launch on Netflix in spring 2024.

The new Netflix series, based on Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand, features a mix of wacky vehicles, adventurous characters, fast-paced races and more – fast-paced comedy fun for the whole family.

The action-packed comedy series for kids, follows the latest generation of racers: Coop, Spark, Mac, Brights, Axle and Sidecar as they attend a racing camp where the action is always tough.

“As Hot Wheels continues to grow and appeal to kids and families worldwide, Let’s Race will bring even more fun to fans of all ages with creative stories, engaging characters, and of course, fast vehicles.”, said Rob David, Vice President, Content Creative at Mattel Television.

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