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BizPoint will be the passion of coming years!

A global portal is born from Turkey! At the end of years-long preparations, BizPoint is about to push the button! A new and impressive brand is coming to the fore in web and mobile technology. We interviewed Ozer Ozbarut, an idealist startup name behind the exciting development of the project.

Will you brief the concept, definition, the idea behind, the aim and targets of the BizPoint?
Both businesses and consumers can find several innovative solutions, variety of opportunities and useful tools under one roof in BizPoint. With our integrated business tools, we are an institutional entrepreneur aiming to help others to develop their procurement, sales and marketing activities. It offers high grade of interactive and proactive system for businesses and has new dimensions & features for consumers.
The story of BizPoint attracted our interest among the talks that ask why a global project is not made in Turkey. We searched and found that there is a lack of global brands that focused on the internet and mobile applications in the fast changing age of technology. So, our story has begun. Then we began to try to find an idea with an aim to offer integrated high quality services to both consumers and businesses. We decided that a platform will be useful that covers both domestic and foreign businesses around a business model that will be online 7/24 and on real time. Since the project was conceived as a global one every aspect of it was designed global enabled. All of research and development works had been done in Turkey and software development was outsourced to a New York based firm. It took 2.5 years to be completed. Project will start in both Turkish and English and other languages will be added later on.

Who was the person behind this impressive project?
Ozer Ozbarut, myself, a graduate of Manchester University’s two different engineering programs, have a business experience and accumulation of knowledge for 33 years. Undertaken responsibilities in the fields of production, exports, technology, R&D that requires innovations, I founded a new technology firm for myself in addition to my partnership in other businesses. So, I entered into a business-focused on internet and mobile applications.

Can you detail the project further?
Foreign-based solutions often offer vertical business models. However, BizPoint has developed a horizontal business model that complements each task and offers within integrated multi functional system. The system was designed by combining the practices and experiences accumulated in business by every encountered problem individually and by observing the real flow of processes in real life. Our aim is to finish our preparations and launch our business by aiming high in the market. Project is to be developed continuously by additional features.
Our website is also a social business network portal and is compatible with all devices. Mobil apps provide online services 7/24. There is also a mobile web that is compatible with browsers. Our application can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play free of charge.
Our business model supports both B2B and B2C stages. Even the businesses that operate on consumer side, also have to deal with other businesses. Every business has needs for supplying various products and services. Businesses also need services and products similar to BizPoint services in their export and wholesale operations. Business to business means the trade among businesses. BizPoint B2B is an interactive platform to establish business contacts that offer supports for marketing, sourcing, business searches, meeting, contacting and one to one relations leading to sales. We provide a platform to find customers and to meet with each other. It is not a simple directory site or finding local businesses. We have a rich portfolio of features in our project. We are not same as European B2B business models; we have a lot of differences & innovations. BizPoint gives all of the controls and management to its customers. Businesses are registered and they provide their profiles and we publish them, so they become visible by their customers. Besides they can use so many additional features at back end. Consumers can also use & get benefits of all the facilities and services offered.

Our project covers a digital transformation and solution management automation aimed to reduce costs, higher operational facilities, supports for better performance, productivity , efficiency and reachability. It covers many activities, automations and possibilities.
Project is location based , has all of searching, listing and sorting possibilities. Searches are also possible for other areas, cities and countries. Later on it will be available for global usages.
Member companies, businesses of the BizPoint can explore their business to the world. All individual professionals can also create their own profiles, including doctors, lawyers, electricians, etc.
There are features for import and exports. Companies in abroad can search and find partners in Turkey. They can source and get information about the companies and get in contact with them. Their profile pages show updated information about them.
In addition to the searches from abroad, foreigners that come to Turkey can be in touch with businesses they need via their mobile and other devices real time, and learn their location and addresses and manage all business communications and can get offers, etc. At night they can search restaurants. Multi purpose and multi tasking.
By Quotes, both consumers and businesses can publish their needs and can get offers from related businesses. Ability of the systems to work as a multiple interface having both “Request A Quote” posting, and companies can post“Offers” in return is highly practical and useful.
Consumers can search for local businesses and professionals, ask for offers, receive offers, see sales promotions and coupons & deals, search for events, chat with friends live, send and get direct messages, organize meetings, demand reservations, ask for special discounts, post reviews, rate, recommend, get special one to one messages, take notes, set reminders. Our difference is to taking notes, arrange notifications that can be active while being nearby. We will have surprises to our customers with mobile proximity. Our difference can be understood when BizPoint is used. Consumers can manage active communications with both businesses and customers and vice versa.
Businesses and professionals all those who register will have highly developed opportunities and tools. Cooperation and finding business opportunities became so easy.

Webchat live conversations p2p or in groups are possible. Account checks, price quotes, stock checking are other operations made possible by live chat.
If they prefer, the individual professionals can close the review options. This is optional.
There are full facilities for purchasing departments. Buyers can search and open bids for suppliers, with only clicking and waiting responses.
For all guest users and registered consumers is free of charge. They can get offers and make deals; we do not charge them any commission.
Direct inquiries are possible from abroad. Those who seek suppliers can get info about prospective companies, establish contacts for imports or exports.
Consumers and business owners can make plans, programs, organizations and meetings with our “I Will be There” option. This is also free of charge for all.
We offer business opportunities with active listings that mean every stage is reachable for users. And designed to get fast return of investment ( ROI ) for our BizPoint customers.
The answers of the questions such as ‘why we should prefer BizPoint and its services’, ‘what are your advantages’, are that we offer a dynamic, real time, online, interactive and proactive business model and rich solutions all-in-one. When registered to BizPoint, users can experience all of our capabilities. The system is easy to use, user friendly and completely automatic. Users control and manage their activities. We only provide tools and a ready platform for them. Vertical and focused business models, facilities offered, cost of services and with multiple portals, BizPoint is open to all who want to test its shared values and services. Our aim is to earn by offering value to our customers. First our customers must earn and later we can earn.


For example, a restaurant can find both customers and suppliers for purchasing. Can find staff, offer promotions, coupons, discounts, ads and engage in promos and marketing activities. In case of need, additional services can also be bought. We have options for add-ons and demand-ons.
B2B Businesses Marketplace, source, communicate & collaborate and lead to sales, is a platform that aims to meet buyers and sellers. Both sides can seek others through our system, or by posting invitations or requests. Then they can establish contacts and make deals. We offer many services to the end point, up to selling. Only we do not involve in selling activities. We do not charge any additional cost out of membership fees and optional services. It is both a free and open marketplace and a sharing network for social and businesses purposes.
We establish contacts between online and offline, and offline and offline.
Each business can get proximity and push notification services without making any investment. Not device dependant. Costs of proximity packages vary depending on the need.
On dashboard statistical data, reports and analysis are seen and offered real time to our members.
The system is active since a short time ago and its official start is from 19th April 2016. We will be serving as beta for some time, because we are planning to add more new services and solutions until june.
Some subscription plans allow adding multiple companies / branches under one account. All of them can be defined individually and managed under single account. Data, statistics and reports about each branch can be followed and their performances compared for each branch separately.
Up level membership packages have priority in the listings.
“Call us” service requires SMS bundle and subject to fees. Enquiries are delivered instantly through e-mail and on SMS. BizPoint demands payments due to mobile communication companies.
We offer free services for non-profit organizations, associations, foundations, etc. to publish their events; they do not pay any fee. We support all social responsibility programs. All free!
Our basic membership bundle is free forever, paid subscription plans can be tested for two months as free. Buyers can choose one out of four different plans we offer depending on their needs, and required use of the services.
In BizPoint, the ratio and speed of ROI can be seen automatically by analysis, not by guesses and scenarios.
Members can reach each other by one click. Communication among present and potential new customers is facilitated. Functionality, being user friendly, automation, and easy to manage are our characteristics. We offer value, dependability, speed and comfort. Testing is free!
Microsoft USA supports our project. Our project is run on Microsoft Azure cloud system.

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