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Autumn depression causes insomnia or extreme sleep

autumnThe disease of the century, depres- sion, peaks in autumn. Is it real or is it an excuse?

Dr. Mehmet Yavuz, of Reem Neuropsychiatry informs about emotional changes in line with seasons. In autumn, worsening of we- ather, shortening the days, entering closed spaces from open air can pro- duce sense of sickness and unhappi- ness in people. For this reason, the fall is referred as the season of sad- ness. Lessening of sunrays in autumn cause the reduction of the secretion of serotonin hormone, changes brain chemistry and leads to depression. The same is seen in winter depressi- ons as well, however, since it comes after summer season, depression is more common in autumn. He warns, “When the sickness started the person lost his/her interest and energy. Feeling of guilt, concentration difficulty, and loss of appetite rise. They become emotionally collapse, they get upset everything; even the desire to live may be lost. They cry frequently, do not take any pleasure from anything. They loss their activity, things begin to deteriorate, sleep is disturbed, sexual desire reduces and they feel tired.” Depressive mood, anxiety and worry are more common in women, including the autumn depression. On the other hand, for individuals who have previously diagnosed of depression, are more prone to the recurrence of depression. Particularly, pessimistic, anxious, low self-esteem people are riskier in this period.