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Predicts of 2014 top toy trends

During the hustle and bustle of this year’s American International Toy Fair, the Toy Industry Association took some time to announce six of the top toy trends for 2014. On the list: supersized and classic toys, RC, STEAM, zombies and monsters, retro and customization Larger-sized toys are becoming inc- reasingly common in just about every category, from plush and play ...

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Autumn depression causes insomnia or extreme sleep

The disease of the century, depres- sion, peaks in autumn. Is it real or is it an excuse? Dr. Mehmet Yavuz, of Reem Neuropsychiatry informs about emotional changes in line with seasons. In autumn, worsening of we- ather, shortening the days, entering closed spaces from open air can pro- duce sense of sickness and unhappi- ness in people. For this ...

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The biggest Toy Fair of all times opens in Nurnberg

Every year the roads of the toy industry come across at Nurnberg. Famous brands, newly established specialty companies, buyers of grand chains, independent dealers and a great many international press representatives make this fair one of the most important events of the sector. Contacts are made at this world leader trendsetter show and the trends of the next year are set. Most importantly an incredible excitement prevails! 2014 will be a ...

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